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National Disability Insurance Provider :430215685
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Case Management, Advocacy and Planning

  Our Story


An Idea is Born

In 2016/2017 the Federal Government changed the way that funding within the Disability and Aged Care Services could be utilised. While the introduction of individualised funding to both sectors is a recognition of peoples right to make their own decision around their support needs, it has also left some people confused about what supports are available and unable to find the time to research fully. MY CHOICE evolved from the understanding that not everyone has the time or knowledge to do this for themselves. MY CHOICE is your personal helping hand.

Our logo represents how we perceive our service. A helping hand to support you - the customer with your complex Disability and Aged Care Funding Issues. We aim to make your journey less complicated and time consuming.

The name MY CHOICE  was chosen to represent what we believe our business offers you - individualised services and the autonomy to choose what is best for you - the customer 

Why Us?

What Can We Do For You? 

MY CHOICE Offers you

  • A wide range of services to assist you to make the most of your funding opportunity
  • A helping hand to the Aged Care and Disability Sectors
  • Over 30 years of experience of working with clients and agencies
  • A personalised service tailored to your support needs
  • We come to you, no travelling required
  • Competitive pricing model.
  • Knowledge of the  Aged and Disability sectors enabling more choice of services for you or        your clients
  • Contacts in both sectors